1Win Kenya Responsible Gaming Policy

1Win was launched with one purpose: to provide high-quality entertainment for gambling and betting fans. The company tries to ensure the safety of users and make them feel comfortable when betting or gambling. Adhering to the principles of responsible gaming is a top value for 1Win. Thus, the company developed a specific set of rules to follow. Every member must read and comply with them to avoid negative consequences.

Responsible Gambling Risks

The cases of gambling addiction developing among players are getting more common. That’s a serious problem that can negatively damage the quality of the person’s life. You must be over 18 years old to use the services legally. Additionally, there are a few recommendations and rules to be aware of to avoid gambling addiction:

  • Read Risk Disclosure before joining a gambling website and investing real money in casino games. The risk of wasting your money remains, so your task is to be aware of it and avoid it.
  • Keep track of the time you spend on casino games. Gambling shouldn’t become your main activity and replace all other pastimes you have.
  • Treat it as entertainment. Playing casinos isn’t the way to make money, although the chance of it persists. Just enjoy the gameplay and get rid of the income-oriented approach.
  • Keep a cold head. Emotions can lead you to failure. As soon as you succumb to emotions, you won’t be able to stop at the right moment. The result of this sequence is a gambling addiction.
  • No strategy can help you win. Don’t trust websites and people who claim to know the secrets and techniques for winning in certain games. Only luck and random number generators work here.

These recommendations seem well-known, but gamblers often get so obsessed with games that they ignore them.

The Initial Signs of Addiction

Even if you’re an experienced gambler and are responsible for yourself and your mental health, it’s easy not to pay enough attention to the first signs of addiction:

  • The sums of your expenses exceed your earnings.
  • You use credit cards or borrow money to make bets.
  • You open a casino website thinking about prospective earnings.
  • Sports betting or casino games occupy all your spare time.
  • Your family and friends started to suffer from your gambling hobby.
  • You get nervous if you don’t have time to gamble or if your bets are losing. 

If you notice at least one of the aspects of your behaviour, it’s already a valid reason to consider you have an addiction. Those not involved in gambling and betting can use this information as a reminder and lend a helping hand to someone who needs it.

Where To Seek Assistance?

In addition to the tips and guides in the casino’s Terms and Conditions, you can also get help from the 1Win support team. These people are qualified to provide moral support. In addition, you can get the contacts of organizations helping people overcome gambling addiction.

Gambling Aware, GamCare and many other companies have special social programs that will help customers overcome the desire to bet and spend their last on the slightest chance of luck. By following their instructions, you can quickly overcome the signs of addiction and begin to perceive gambling adequately without harmful connotations.

If that doesn’t help, use the self-inclusion option to temporarily or permanently block your account. If not, write to customer support managers, who will help you restrict your access to the company’s products.